Open-source community and project tracking

Quite a few sites provide services for tracking open-source communities and projects, for example and   Such web services track online community platforms and aim to index the open-source software development community over time showing trends and other data that can be useful.

The Zephyr project is being tracked on some of those sites, here a list:

Let me know if you of any other sites tracking communities.

So trying to make sense of it all, here is the interesting data concerning the Zephyr project:


This service does not pull information from Zephyr and depends on the project pushing information using the coverity static analyser. The Zephyr project has been using this service from very early own and the statistics show that the project is doing a good job dealing with issues uncovered by static code analysis.


This is a pull service, basically pulling most of the information from the project Git tree. This service good for comparing health of communities by comparing with different similar projects.


This where the Zephyr project is hosted and has more information beside analysing git history. Github Pulse also looks at issues and pull requests as can be seen below.

Github also tracks forks and other metrics that show popularity of the project and how developers are using it in their personal forks.

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