First impressions with the reel Board

I was one of the lucky few who got two boards from the first production run for testing purposes and this board immediately became my favourite.

The board arrived pre-flashed with an application showing various sensor data as can be seen here:

Using the pull request (#9451) from the Zephyr project github tree which introduces the basic support and with the drivers and sample application pending submission I was able to flash various samples from the Zephyr tree and reproduce the “factory settings” easily and without any hassle.

The digital ink display was responsive enough for changes and is very promising for all kind of applications. The primary use is of course as a badge and there are a few idea how to use the Bluetooth mesh and Bluetooth in general to make this a “smart” badge.

The drivers for the display and the sample application are still out of the tree and maintained in a fork and will be submitted to Zephyr after the 1.13 release happening earlier next month.

More reports and experiments will follow, stay tuned…

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