reel Board is coming

The reel board is a evaluation board based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 SoC. The board was developed by PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH in cooperation with Zephyr Project for the Zephyr Hackathon – “Get Connected”.

reel board is more than just another evaluation board. It is equipped with the Electrophoretic Display and environmental sensors. This not only makes it easy to try out Zephyr OS, but also the following use cases can be evaluated:

  • battery powered sensor node
  • low power, low cost HMI for remote control or environmental sensor monitoring
  • interactive badge for the meetings and conferences
  • product, name or price tag
  • just a temperature and humidity sensor on your table
reel board back (Credit: Phytec Messtechnik)
reel board front (Credit: Phytec Messtechnik)


more details:

The feeling of bash, the new Zephyr Shell

Recently a pull request was submitted to the Zephyr tree introducing a new shell subsystem replacing the original shell. The new shell, if we can call it a shell comes with lots of new features and opens the gates for lots of additions and improvements. This is after all intended for debugging and testing, but it can provide an interface to interactively interface with Zephyr internals.

From the original PR, here are the highlights:

  • Multi-instance – you can have independent shells on different transmission mediums
  • Multiline commands
  • Integration with Log module – you can read logs on the shell screen, filter them dynamically (activate logs only for needed modules), suspend or resume
  • Smart completion with the Tab key. One can prompt and partially/fully complete commands or its subcommands.
  • Commamands history,
  • Build-in commands,
  • Easy command edidtion with buttons: Tab/Backspace/Delete/Arrows/Home/End
  • Meta Keys
  • Wildcards support – so far only ‘*’ character
  • Kconfig configuration to optimize resources usage.